The paradox of our experiences is, when we find yourself in a situation in which we`ve already been in past... and we took a lesson from it... but now we are under the influence of fresh emotions, we behave like this is happening to us for the first time. 

So last few days have been lost. But it`s alright. 

Thanks SWIMS for perfect jacket for currently wheater. This water and windproof jacket is my favourite thing from last 2 weeks, is just so versatile. 

You can get it HERE and with code : " 20dminefreedom " you will get -20% discount.

I hope you all had a good week. I can`t wait to move and I am so excited about it. 

Jacket - SWIMS,
Sweatshirt - H&M,
Jeans - Levis
Shoes - Adidas

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